Another raccoon sighting

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These guys have gotten way too tame. I was walking down the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve when I saw this raccoon head towards me. I thought for sure he would leave the trail when he saw me but he just kept on walking right down the middle of the trail. We both kept getting closer and he still didn’t hide. I sat down on the trail and was taking the above shots. These are all cropped. When he reached a certain point I stood up and moved over to the side. We walked right by. I was holding my monopod out in front in case he lunged for me. I wasn’t about to go off the trail into the alligator infested water. I don’t know whether people are feeding them or they just don’t mind us being there.

6 thoughts on “Another raccoon sighting

  1. Cute critter but I think it is scary that it let you get so close.. Great shots! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post today.. Have a happy weekend!

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