Sitting pretty for my shots.

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Butterflies were everywhere at Bok Tower Gardens in late October so I got a lot of butterfly shot practice. There were still a lot of summer flowers out. Now I can’t wait to go back in the spring to see everything blooming then. I was trying to take a closeup picture of a butterfly when I noticed something green moving on the next flower. That little lizard barely moved as I moved in to get a shot of him. He was so tiny, that flower didn’t even bend with him on it.

The frogs were a bonus. I had walked around the historic home at the gardens and in front of the house was a water fountain with frog statues along the bottom. I walked down a path and saw a little pond with a frog sitting pretty on the side. I said out loud “You’re not real” thinking it was another statue and it jumped up and landed in water.  So I missed out on a jumping shot.

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7 thoughts on “Sitting pretty for my shots.

  1. So many beautiful butterfly shots! I love especially the Long-tailed Skipper and the Zebra Swallowtail. Was the anole hunting butterflies? The frogs are so cute!

  2. Such beautiful butterflies… the frogs ARE really cute. Thanks as always for sharing the love up-close. Is there any thing you are grateful for that you’d like to add to the Gratitude Quilt this year? Instructions at the top of my blog:-)

  3. Oh Dina! Absolutely incredible. Everything poses so perfectly for you. I swear, the lizard must have asked you which flower you’d like him to sit on … just perfect color contrast there and in each butterfly picture too. And your frogs are so cute.

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