One last look at skimmers for the summer


Soon the black skimmers will be hard to find for the winter. These were all taken back in late July at Fort Desoto. They were hanging around the beach near the fishing pier.


They look so graceful when they are skimming.

Scratching an itch.


Taking a bath.


Splashing around.


Drying off.


Showing off for the laughing gull. “My wings are bigger than yours.”


Out on the water trying to scoop up some bait fish.


They were all busy skimming for fish.


I was standing on the pier taking these pictures and a guy asked me what kind of birds these were. I said “They were skimmers.” He said “Why do they call them skimmers.” I politely explained that they skim the top of the water for fish but really, do they need an explanation if you see them in action?

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16 thoughts on “One last look at skimmers for the summer

  1. Wonderful photos of the Skimmers, I love the expressions on their faces. The beak of the one scratching an itch looks so outsized for its body. Such beautiful birds, and I love your captions.

  2. Love the skimmers and your photos are stunning. I try to pop over and visit your blog from Stewart’s WBW. The last two weeks I’ve been very involved watching and helping raise seven pups here in my Tanzanian garden. I’m glad I found the time to visit today! Have a great day. Jo

  3. Yep he shoulda been able to figure that out. I wonder where they go between now and Spring, do you know? (I assume they return in Spring because I’ve seen them and we aren’t there in the summer). Love this bird,,, thanks for the great series.

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