A rainbow of birds at Fort Desoto


A scarlet tanager looking at me. Maybe he thinks I’m after his berry.


A summer tanager with a bug hanging out of his beak.


Another scarlet tanager with a beak full.


A female and male painted bunting.


He has mulberry juice on his beak.


She’s got mulberry pieces hanging out of her mouth.


These birds were chowing down.


Another tanager posing.

So many pretty birds at Fort Desoto during spring migration. The mulberry trees were full and the birds were hungry. We all just stood in a line and quietly watched them eat. The big prize of the day was the painted buntings.There were several at the park that morning. This is the first decent picture I’ve gotten of one. I also took a ton of blue birds More on those later.

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  1. Me again… just thinking as I closed your link. Hhave you ever submtted your photos for publication anywhere? Honestly the pair of buntings is something I’ve never seen anywhere. And the tanager with the mulberry in his beak is absolutely stunning …also something I’ve never seen anywhere.

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