Baby greats getting big.


Sleeping wet balls of fluff.


They wake up. What do they see in the sky? A bird, a plane, superman? or Super Mom?


The sun came out for a few minutes.


“How long are we going to be stuck in this tree?”


Mom was sitting high up in an exposed pine tree.  Gulls and other birds started bothering her. They were dive bombing her. Then an osprey started to bother her.


I don’t know why she stayed there. Eventually, she moved to a lower branch on another tree closer to the nest.


“Let me see” said the younger one on the left. Mom had moved and now they were facing away from the sun and watching her.  This was the view staring into the sun on the other side of the tree.


Now they were looking in opposite directions. That tree is starting to look rough.


Is that a yawn or a yell for food?

It was a quiet morning. Even though there were lots of photographers there, everyone was whispering. Occasionally, when the baby great horned owls would look out, you would hear a thousand clicks go off when everyone starting taking pictures. It was weird watching the gulls bothering mom. What did they think she had? She didn’t have any food with her. The babies were tucked away in that tree and they were much bigger than the gulls anyway. She wasn’t out on the beach but back in the tree-lined picnic area. Several hundred pictures later, it was time for me to leave. I was having lunch with my aunt-in-law.

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23 thoughts on “Baby greats getting big.

  1. Your “baby pictures” are always incredible. These are wonderful. It’s weird the way smaller birds will bother bigger ones. Maybe it is like mosquitos or gnats bother us…just a pain in the (neck).

  2. Wonderful photos of the fluffy babies, they seem out of place just crammed into the crotch of a tree. I hope they will be able to fly soon to escape such a small nest. I’m trying to picture all the people there photographing them. Mom owl must be patient.

  3. HI Dina What a wonderful series of photographs with the little ones. Boy, I do wish I cold have seen them in person.however seeing your shots is the next best thing.

  4. Owlets are possibly only second to young parrots in the ugly, but wonderful, stakes! Great pictures.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: give me a week or two and I will have written something a bit more thoughtful about the coins on the rocks.

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