Orange beak duck and the red-eyed devils at Philippe Park.


After leaving the Safety Harbor fishing pier, I headed over to Philippe Park to see what was swimming around the inlet there. First thing I noticed was the red breasted merganser. This is the first one I’ve seen this winter.


She was alone but there were a few horned grebes a little farther out.


The red-eyed devils had arrived for the winter. They were my  first horned grebe sighting this season. They were swimming far out in the water.


Last winter they hung around the fishing pier but this winter they seem to be farther north.


From the park, I could see a lone eagle sitting far out in the middle of the bay on top of a utility tower.


Is that a burp? Yawn? Was it calling for its mate?


Later I saw the above fly over the trees away from me.  I hope it’s the same eagle as the one on the tower and the mate is off sitting on eggs.


It was a beautiful weekend before the holidays.

8 thoughts on “Orange beak duck and the red-eyed devils at Philippe Park.

  1. Wonderful shots, especially liked the way you caught the eagle with its beak open. The water glistening was beautiful too and always enjoy those ducks. I don’t think I have seen that type of merganser before.

  2. What a fabulous shot of the eagle with his mouth open. As always, I just love your photos. I’m hoping that all these fabulous birds are around when I get down to Fla.

  3. You always take such exciting photos of birds. I really like them all, especially you MoM pic. Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday#75

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