Storms in the Tampay Bay area – Skywatch Friday


I walked out the grocery store and saw this. Of course, no one was running for cover. Everyone was taking pictures of it with their phone cameras. I joined in. I stopped by the grocery store after work on the Monday after the 4th of July. I usually go later in the week but since we had been out of town for the last week we really needed stuff.  It was just a water spout, not a full blown tornado, that had come onto land from the bay which was about a mile away. There had been several water spouts seen in the Tampa Bay area in the last month so no one was completely surprised to see this one.  It hung in the same spot for a few minutes then started to fall apart.

spout 2

You can see it starting to fall apart at the bottom. People were heading to their cars at this point. This was my first water spout sighting so it was pretty cool even though I was ready to make a run for the meat locker if it started to move towards us.

rain 1

Clouds moving in around the Sunshine Skyway bridge area. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon so I headed to the outlet mall south of Tampa.

rain 2

You could see where it was raining on the right side of the bay.

rain 3

Coming home from the outlet mall.

rain 4

Rain to the left of the Sunshine Skyway bridge.

It felt like it rained every day in July. Almost every day anyway. I kept missing great storms for one reason or another. Stuck at work mostly. All of the above were taken with my Iphone. I’m getting hooked on using the panorama feature.

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20 thoughts on “Storms in the Tampay Bay area – Skywatch Friday

  1. Your iPhone sure does a good job.
    I just love seeing rain falling somewhere else when I’m standing high and dry with a camera. LOL
    But the water spout…wow! I’ve never seen one of those. Amazing!

  2. Great pictures and it is really neat to see what we’re missing by leaving Florida in June. (I’m not entirely unhappy about that!). I didn’t realize until recently that Florida has so many tornadoes.

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