Birds at Crescent Lake


White pigeon? This is a rare bird around here. He looks lost.


This juvenile grackle was chasing mom around trying to get a handout. He’s old enough to get food on his own by now.


Another juvenile grackle getting his own food.


Green heron hiding in the reeds.


It looks like he was drying off his wings. Or cooling off. I don’t see them do this very often.


My first sight of the least bittern.


He was very pretty.

Full disclosure. I had read there was a least bittern sighted at Crescent Lake Park. It’s a small park near downtown St. Petersburg with a dog park and playground. It’s not a big park so I thought I might have a chance of finding it. After two laps around the lake, I found it in the reeds. It was right on the end of the lake where the dog park is so I didn’t think it would hang out there but that’s where he was.

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16 thoughts on “Birds at Crescent Lake

  1. Great variety of birds. The Green Heron and the Least Bittern are my favorites. And the juvenile grackle is kind of cute! Great shots, Dina!

  2. Great photos! The white pigeon is a domestic bird — probably a white racing pigeon. People also buy and release white king pigeons to save them from the squab trade. Racing pigeons are beautiful fliers and can survive in the wild, especially if they join a flock. King pigeons, sadly, cannot. They are not bred with those skills. (I’ve volunteered with bird and wildlife rescue groups in San Francisco and have a soft spot for these guys.)

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