Hiking the Grand Canyon


Our 2nd day in Arizona we got up early and headed out to do more sight-seeing at the Grand Canyon. We decided to hike down the 3 mile trail. That’s 1 and a half down and 1 and a half back up. It’s barely half way down in this canyon.


This was the view as we started down. We brought plenty of water and snacks (apples, nuts and granola bars).


A little farther down it started to feel like we were getting into the canyon. The scary thing was as we were quickly walking down, people were on their way back up and they looked rough. Everyone looked exhausted and hot. I was thinking “That’s going to be us soon.”


A little ways down, you can see Jerry across the canyon in the blue tshirt. He was taking pictures of us taking pictures of him.


After an hour, you can see the trail we have still have to wind down. Someone at the beginning of the trail had told me to take lots of pictures going down because you won’t feel like it going back up. Boy, were they right.


Still going down.


Hubby, Beth and Jerry where ahead of me  most of the time since I kept stopping to take pictures. Here they are down the trail.


Some parts were really narrow. No railing. I can’t even image riding a donkey down this trail. We didn’t see any on trail the day we were there.


Under one of the rock formations.

Hubby and I made it almost all the way down. We turned around right before the end and started heading back up. By then my knees were so wobbly and shaky. Going up was hard. It was a steep incline on the bottom half of the trail. We’d stop every 10 minutes and rest and drink water. As people passed us on the way down they would give us that “Am I going to look like that coming back up?” look. We did the same thing going down. There was a constant stream of people going up and down.  After resting a while when we got back up to the top I wasn’t as tired as I thought I would be. We walked around the area, looking around the hotel and shops at the top of the rim. Later in the day we got back in the car and headed for Sedona.

10 thoughts on “Hiking the Grand Canyon

  1. Oh, I can so relate … and we did go down on the donkeys … and mine tripped onto its knee! Yikes, I asked if I could exchange my donkey and somehow … I got the blame for it! LOL. Beautiful images and story Dina!

  2. Wow, Dina, fabulous photos, and not a water bird in sight anywhere. LOL
    I know my husband will want to walk down into the canyon if we ever visit there, but I can’t go with him — very bad vertigo — so I’m glad he’s the photographer these days.
    What a wonderful trip for you, and I’m glad you felt better after resting a while.

  3. I could hike the mile and a half down but someone would have air lift me out. The canyon is truly one of the seven wonders of the world. Nice images.

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