Watching a baby barred owl


My first encounter with a baby barred owl. Although he’s almost grown up, he still has a little fuzz. This bird just stole my heart. I had been at Lettuce Lake park for almost two hours and was walking back to the parking area when a very nice guy just said “Hey, I just saw an owl fly into that tree right there.” I had looked everywhere in that area when I first got there looking for the owls and didn’t find them. I walked down the path and at first I saw the parent that had just flown in. I was watching it for a few minutes when I noticed a few trees over was the baby. Looking right at me. He was a little ways into the woods so these are all cropped up.


I thought he was curious about something on the tree. He hunched down getting closer to the branch.


He then closed his eyes and took a short nap right there. I walked around the area for a while. I saw a hummingbird go by me and looked around for a long time trying to find it. It went deeper in the woods so I lost it.


I came back over to the napping owl and he was just waking up. A loud hawk flew overhead and he looked up to see it.


Then he was fully awake.


I don’t know if this was a sneeze or the end of a yawn but he made a funny face.


He started investigating around the branch.


He was probably thinking “What are these big yellow things?”


“Hey, I can hold something with these big yellow things.” It looked like he was eating a leaf.


The parent was a few trees down keeping an eye on things. I finally left an hour later than I should have but what a great way to spend that hour.

What started out as a boring birding trip ended up being one of the best times I’ve had in a while. Watching that cute baby owl was the highlight of the trip. As I stood on the trail watching the owl deep in the woods, people were walking by heading to the canoe launch. Everyone would ask me what I was looking at. I would show them the owl up in the tree. A few people got really excited. A handful said “Yeh, I see owls here all the time.” It’s funny how different people react to birds.

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27 thoughts on “Watching a baby barred owl

  1. Absolutely fabulous shots, Dina. I’d have happily spent that hour there with you. What a sweet face, and the curiosity, the nap and the sneeze…wonderful!

  2. It is amazing that so many people can walk by and not really see what is around them. It has happened to me on several occasions, and co-incidentally, when I saw some owls. too.

  3. Wow! these are wonderful shots! I often here an owl near my house, but I’ve never been able to find it. This must have been a fun outing!

  4. What a treat for all of us … and yes, you are right, it is amazing how different people react (or don’t react) to birds. A baby Owl though … I would have thought everyone would have been excited. It is rare to see baby owls, especially Barred Owls since they normally hang out in the deepes parts of the woods. These pictures are a delight … thank you so much for sharing.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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