The baby sandhill crane is growing up

I start to head out on the trails and I see three figures walking towards me from far away.

The baby starts flying towards me. I’d like to think he was excited to see me and said “Hey, there’s Dina. I’m going to give her a big hug.” I think he was just testing his wings. He didn’t get very far.

I sat down on the grass and watched them continue towards me. I finally had to get up and move back. I didn’t want them to walk up to me and poke me with that big beak. It was funny to see them cruising along the trail together.  At this point they were close to the intersection of Rabbit Marsh Run and Heron Hideout. Several people were watching them walk the trail.

The baby was watching the parent and trying to imitate it pulling grasshoppers off the brush.

Yea, Mom got a big bug.

He kept  looking for bugs but I didn’t see him find any on his own. He still kept being fed by the parents.

This was an amazing experience. Just to sit there and watch them walking around picking up grasshoppers. The baby kept close to the parents. Several people were sitting next to me and we were all clicking away. They seemed to be putting on a good show. The “Leave It To Beaver Crane Show.”  The baby is about 13 weeks old at this point. There were two babies born but only one survived. It was great watching this little guy grow up.

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