Tricolored heron babies

Just a few crazy baby tricolored herons from my recent trip to Gatorland in Orlando. The mangrove bushes were full of nests. I think these birds get the prize for being the funniest looking babies. Most of the great egret babies were getting big and the tricolored heron babies were just being born. I think all of these are only a few days old. They were constantly screaming to be fed. Next are the blue herons and cattle egrets. They start a little later in the season. They were just building nests and sitting on eggs. Hopefully, those will be born in time for my trip in May.

5 thoughts on “Tricolored heron babies

  1. They are so ugly they are cute … kind of like the vulture babies. I love that you have the opportunity to take all these wonderful pictures … are there any homes for sale near you?? 🙂

    Amdrea @ From The Sol

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