Breakfast with the burrowing owls

Yum, dirty frog for breakfast!

He’s completely ignoring me while he’s chowing down.

He looks over like “Wait, someone’s watching me eat.”

This one looks like he’s eating dirt. I think it’s a bug or something just completely covered in dirt.

Okay, now it looks like he’s eating twigs. He was chewing on it.

They looks so cute when they are holding something.

Just a few more pictures from my trip to Fort Lauderdale. I caught two owls eating for a few minutes. I didn’t see them catch their food. They seemed to have had it stored in their hole.

10 thoughts on “Breakfast with the burrowing owls

  1. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to get pictures like this. I would trade places with you in a minute … but only for a minute, then come home to my own wonderful place. Thanks for your continuous source of pleasure.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Well then, enjoy your meal 🙂
    Nice series. I especially like the 3rd photo with these eyes and details.

  3. These are beautiful photos of my favorite owl Dina! Unfortunately, the Western Burrowing Owl is a “Species of Special Concern” in several western states and have been in rapid decline for several years. You and your readers can get more information at the Burrowing Owl Conservation Network.
    Burrowing Owls decorate the entrance to their burrows with all kinds of stuff and they should be nesting now. I wonder if the dirty item in the last few shots is just some “home decor?”

  4. Hello Dina!

    I love your photos. I am preparing an academic article on the burrowing owl and I would like to know if I could use one of your photos. I would give you credit on the image use.

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