A flash of pink.

“Hey, this is my spot.” Said one spoony to the other.

Snowy egret walking by.

There must be some good bugs in that water.

This one stopped to scratch.

Nice spoony pose. This one looks like a juvenile due to the lack of color detail in his face.

I hadn’t seen any spoonbills in a while. On a recent trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, we found a small marsh with a few of them feeding. There were also a lot of egrets and storks feeding but the spoonbills were the most fun. Most of them were really bright pink so they must be in their breeding feathers. There were a few with no facial color so I’m thinking those are juveniles maybe born last summer. We watched them feed and fight over the best spots for a while before heading on.

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19 thoughts on “A flash of pink.

  1. They look like my peonies suddenly became airborne and landed in your Florida marsh.
    I agree with your juvenile id, they still have feathered heads.

  2. Beautiful colors in those Spoonbills. We have a similar species out here (in Australia) but they are plain white – not nearly so beautiful.

  3. That spoonbill in the second photo has a big fat band on its leg, it blends in perfectly! I wonder if that was intentional or not.

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