Saying goodbye to grown up baby owls

I found one of the baby owls high up in the tree scratching an itch.

The older sibling was even higher up sleeping. I found him through an opening in the branches.

Wood duck floating down the river by the owl tree.

A hawk flies by.

Butterflies and flowers are now everywhere.

After my trip to Fort Desoto to see the new owl family, I decided to stop by Kapok Park on the way home to see the two baby owls there one last time. I had heard they were flying around from branch to branch and really hard to find now that they have left the nest. Soon they’ll leave the park for good. I got there hoping to find them one last time. I kept looking high up in the tree and finally found the first one when it moved to scratch. I decided to walk around the boardwalk for a while and walking back I saw the other owl high up through the branches sitting in the sun. They grow up so fast. Now that they are grown up I’ll probably have the park all to myself. Just me, the dog walkers and joggers. There’s still a lot of great stuff there even without the owls. Now that it’s light after work, I’ll head there for a walk before heading home often.

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19 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to grown up baby owls

  1. the owls are too cute for words!! and that hawk, WoW what a beautiful shot against that blue sky!!

  2. Your babies are adorable and they may be around for a while yet. The parents usually care for them long after they leave the nest. It varies with each pair, but I have seen adult “bablies” stick around until mating season starts. Then they know they are no longer welcome. I love your pictures and you are blessed with places to go for them. We have places here too, but not so many owl sitings which , of course, I love the most. I enjoy your blog. Drop in on my blog … I have owls once and awhile and other wildlife you might enjoy. I would value your comments as we have this love in common.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Hard to believe they’re flying when they’re still covered in fluff. I guess their wing-feathers develop first. The wood duck photo is so colorful, so beautiful.

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