Great horned owl family #2

Mom sleeping wedge into the tree. I stood there with several other people for about a half hour.

                Finally, she starts to move around and we see a white speck!

Mom and baby are trying to stretch and move around in this tiny spot.

Mom scoots up and we get a good view of baby. It looks like there’s something wrong with one of baby’s eyes.

Baby sits by itself but mom looks down on it keeping watch.

This is the owl family from Fort Desoto. I got there when the owl was about 10-12 days old. I was excited to see it still white and fuzzy. Early in the morning while it still felt a little cold, the mom was sleeping and hiding the baby. As the morning warmed up, they both started to move around. This is a tiny nest. I won’t sugar-coat it. There were two babies born but within a week one of the babies was found dead on the ground by a park ranger or volunteer early in the morning. It was after a bad storm had moved through so the baby could have fallen or been blown out. Since the nest sits right on one of the paths that lead from the parking lot to the beach, the park roped off a good part of the area. These were taken two weeks ago so by now the baby is pretty big. I have seen more recent pictures of it and the eye looks okay now so whatever was wrong seemed to have healed quickly.  

3 thoughts on “Great horned owl family #2

  1. Wow! It really is a tiny nest. It doesn’t look like it could have contained two owlets at all. I’m glad the eye is better and hope the little owl does okay.
    GReat shots.

  2. I love this … sad about the first baby, but nature can be cruel that way. Your pictures are wonderful. I hope we will be seeing more of Mom , the baby and I assume there is a Dad around somewhere. Thanks you for sharing.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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