Injured birds

This is Stumpy (that’s what the volunteers call him). He guards the entrance to the sanctuary.

Stumpy lost a foot. He was treated here and released back in the wild but he still hangs around. He knows it’s the best restaurant in town for a pelican.

When I was leaving, I saw these two guys come in with an injured bird.

I did not find out what specifically happened. It looks like he had a severed wing. It could have been caught in fishing wire and when he tried to fly off it severed it? They must have called ahead because someone came out immediately to greet them and take the bird. Luckily for this bird, the guys saw the bird needed help and made the effort to save him. Then they drove the injured bird to the sanctuary from wherever they were when they found the bird. I’m glad the guys were looking out for it. I have a feeling this bird will be a permanent resident.

One of the workers at the sanctuary takes the bird, give him a quick look over and head into the hospital. This is a typical event for the team at the sanctuary. It’s weird to see them in action. Usually, you just see the birds in the rehab pens.

For more info on this bird hospital check out Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

5 thoughts on “Injured birds

  1. I love your photo of Stumpy! I’m glad he knows where to find a good meal when he needs it.
    I’m so glad the other bird was rescued.

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