Safety Harbor fishing pier – Skywatch Friday

Hardly anyone on the pier. It was such a beautiful day. Where was everyone?

The day started out cloudy. But then the sun started peeking out.

Such a perfect view!

Surprise! A rare horned grebe floats up to the pier.

The manatees are back early this year. They usually don't show up at this pier until late March. In the summer, you can always see manatees around the pier.

Hey lady, gimmi a kiss!
Safety Harbor, a small little part of the Tampa bay area, is one of my favorite pit stops. Actually, the fishing pier is. The town sits on the water in  the upper Tampa bay, north of all 3 bridges (Gandy, Howard Franklin and Courtney Campbell) that cross the bay from Pinellas County to Hillsborough County. Unless there is an event going on at the little marina, I can always find a good parking spot and it’s free. Most of the time there are pelicans and shorebirds flying around or digging around in the sand. In the warm months you can always see manatees swimming around the pier.  When the time changes and it’s light outside after work, I sometimes stop by for a quick walk along the pier just to de-stress.  Usually just to take a deep breath before heading to do battle at the grocery store. On a recent Saturday morning I stopped there on the way home from checking on the baby owls. It turned out to be a perfect morning.
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12 thoughts on “Safety Harbor fishing pier – Skywatch Friday

  1. What a wonderful place, Dina. Do people swim there in the summer? I know it says “fishing pier” but I just had a sudden flash of snorkeling with the manatees, although I know nothing about it. Just another northerner asking foolish questions.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. It sounds and looks perfect! I had to laugh when you said you stop there on the way to the store. I have a little marsh I stop at up in Salem, NH. I stop there for my bit of serenity before braving the stores and do a bird count for eBird! I love the manatee nose peeking out!

  3. Nice pictures from my wonderful little town. Love going to the pier…Kay from Canada….no we do not swim from the pier the water isn’t really that clean we do boat and kayak, I personally bird watch and watch the manattes….Nice job Dina…

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