More of the baby owls

"Oh look, that girl's back. How long is she gonna stand there and stare at us this time?"

“Moooom, I’m hungry.”

"Mom, I see you up there. Come down here and feed me."

"You birds be quiet down there. I'm napping."

"Everyone be quiet, Dad's napping as well."

“Maybe she can’t see us behind all this moss.”
A week later,  I paid another visit to the baby owls. I think they are 3-4 weeks old at this point. Now they are big enough that Mom doesn’t sit in the nest with them as much. She was sitting a couple of branches up from the nest. The babies could see her. It looked like they kept looking up at her. Dad was one tree over and up a little higher. Both parent slept the entire time I was there. Soon they’ll be outgrowing that nest spot and will be sitting on their own branches. I’m going to try and check back again in another week.

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