Done with blogger

I’m moving my blog to WordPress. After having my blog removed from blogger because it got caught in their “spam sweep removal” and waiting forever for them to review my request that my blog is not a blog spam. Anyone who saw my blog there knew I had a regular blog. So now I’m going with the good guys. I hope everyone who visits here will enjoy my pictures and blog. Thanks for stopping by at my new place.

8 thoughts on “Done with blogger

  1. i’m so glad i found you again. your blog is my favorite. i was quite upset when it was no longer there. i kept googling every so often though and was happy to find it again.

  2. Thanks so much for finding me. I am still battling with blogger. If my old blog ever shows back up I’ll just link it back here. Time to start fresh anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Yeah, I’m like the others. I was so disappointed to see you blog gone. I love the cemetary pictures, I also love the birds. I’m in Iowa, there are not alot of opportunities to see pelicans! I went into the old blog to show my granddaughter, she’s 9 the cemetary pictures. She’s a genealogist in training.

  4. I can see why that would tick you off.
    At least it seems I can leave a comment on your WP site without jumping through about 3 hoops!
    Keep up the great photography!

  5. I was wondering why I had missed some of your posts and why I had to fill my information in again. Now I think I’ve caught up with looking and reading, but haven’t caught up on commenting. Glad I found you on Skywatch Friday.

  6. Yeah, I’ve gone with WP too. Cleaner. Much less hassle. Still have to have a Blogger account to comment on my Blogger buds’ blogs.

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