A turtle convention at the Botanical Gardens

Turtles of all sizes were out basking in the sun in early March.

A beautiful swallowtail posing for me on a blade of grass.

A snowy egret was shuffling his feet trying to scare up a snack while anhingas, both male and females,  were posing all of the gardens.

A young juvenile eagle was flying high up over my head.

Lots of critters at the Florida Botanical Gardens in early March.

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Beauties and a few beasts.

DSC_7780Swallowtail on a pink flower.


Wings up.


A wasp of some type.


Missing part of his wing. He was still flying okay.


Bee covered in pollen.


White polka dots. I think this is a viceroy.


Spider up close.


White peacock.


An orb weaver eating a dragonfly. This was taken into direct sunlight so the picture is not good but it was a cool thing to see.

Lots of things to see at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. Even though a lot of the wintering ducks and birds weren’t there yet, there were still a lot of birds to see. Even more little critters. These were all taken with my 300mm lens so I didn’t have to worry about getting stung or bit. I’m so ready for the weather to cool off. I can’t wait to wear a long sleeve shirt or even a lightweight jacket.