Pretty on Sarasota bay.

The Selby Gardens in Sarasota sits right on the bay. It was a warm beautiful morning in late November when I was there for the first time with my sister.

It’s a small botanical gardens and a bit far from my home in Tampa. Not sure if I will get down here again soon. My favorite part was the conservatory that had a lot of orchids. We happened to be there during an orchid exhibit which was pretty cool.

SkyWatch Friday

Crazy anhinga in Sarasota


Hubby and I were admiring the nice view of Sarasota bay.


I saw this anhinga looking at me. She looked like a character.


It’s like she was saying “Hey lady come over here. I got a nice boat to sell ya.”


“Really cheap. I’m practically giving it away.”


“There it goes lady. It can be yours for a nice price.”

There was a nice small park next to the Mote Marine laboratory in Sarasota. Right next to a bridge that leads out to the open gulf. People were sitting on the benches admiring the big boats going by. It was a beautiful morning for January.

Just keep swimming


One of the permanently injured resident loggerhead turtles at Mote Marine laboratory in Sarasota. He kept coming up for air and looking at me. I think we had a connection.


One of the resident manatees eating a snack.


A pantropical spotted dolphin that was stranded off the keys years ago is now a permanent resident. Luckily there were no other sick dolphins there while we visited.


Creepy eel looking at me.


Cute little puffer.


Fish that were in the shark tank.


It wouldn’t be an aquarium without Nemo.

New Year’s day was sunny and warm. Hubby and I decided to play tourists and drive down to Sarasota for the day which is a little over an hour from our house.  Our first stop was Mote Marine laboratory. They have two buildings, one for fish and sharks and the other for manatees, dolphins and turtles. The manatees, dolphins and turtles that are permanent residents are all permanently injured and cannot be released back into the wild. They also rehabilitate and release injured animals. The laboratory does a lot of work and study on red tide and how it affects the bay and gulf. It’s a little bit of old Florida and we spent a little less than two hours there.

Next stop was Save Our Seabirds. More on that later.