Last of the Thanksgiving tourist tour

Cruising along Clearwater bay looking for dophins.  Lots of big buildings going up around the beach including the new expanded Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home of Winter the movie star dolphin from A Dolphin’s Tale who lost his tail and was given a prosthetic tail.

Anyone want a boat real cheap?  An abandoned boat near the marina.

Cruising by some of the big old historic homes along the intercoastal waterway.

Out along Sand Key.

Two osprey taking a bath on a sand spit during low tide.

We stopped at a spoil island near Sand Key and looked for some shells. The ones that were still alive were put back in the water.

The last day my sisters were here visiting we took a 2 hour dolphin tour out of Clearwater marina. After living here for almost 18 years it was the first time I had done that. It was fun being out on the water on such a beautiful morning. We finally did see some dolphins coming back to the marina but I didn’t take any pictures. The boat was fairly full and I hung back letting all of the tourists see them from the edge of the boat. It’s fun to see people’s reactions when they see one for the first time out in the wild. Living here we take things for granted. I saw 3 of them coming home from work recently while I was stuck in traffic on the bridge.

SkyWatch Friday

Don’t you want to be a tourist?


A fun thing to do if you have good balance.


Nothing says “tourist spot” like a pirate ship going by.


Here’s a boat I haven’t seen before. A shark boat!


A night heron hanging around the fishing piers.


“Is that a fish on the boardwalk?”


Snowy egret looking for a handout from the fishermen.


Later I caught the pirate ship coming back in to the bay.

This was my 2nd trip to Sand Key park to look for the common eider in early August. He’s been seen on and off hanging around the fishing piers under the big bridge. Still no luck. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the first sunny day in a long time so the area was crowded early with people. I’ll keep checking back for that duck.

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