Flowers in the fall.

Lots of things blooming at Bok Tower Gardens in late September.

A few of the critters. I rarely see ladybugs anymore.

Early morning at the bell tower. This is a great spot to take a break. Sitting under the big oak trees looking out at the old orange groves far away.

I made a quick trip to Bok Tower in central Florida in late September. It was a quiet morning and not too many birds but lots of plants were blooming.

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Here’s to hoping for baby ladybugs!

A few fun things at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.

The beautiful silk floss tree that blooms in the fall. I always forget about it the rest of the year since it’s just full of green leaves. I forget about the pink flowers and am always surprised and amazed when I see this tree in late October. This was towards the end of the bloom and the ground was covered in the pink flowers.

Not many birds. A local red belled woodpecker and a wood duck couple.

The above was hanging on a tree in the woods at the gardens. Kind of creepy but also cool.

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The land of fruits and nuts

More pictures from my trip to the Fruit and Spice Park in south Miami. Lots of different things growing there. I did learn that you could tell the difference between edible and non-edible banana plants by the bloom. If the bloom is growing up, the bananas are not edible and are just ornamental. Has anyone else ever heard that before?

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Pretty things at Bok Tower

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The giant Victoria water lilies are planted every summer at Bok Tower. They don’t last through the winter here in central Florida. They are beautiful even though I caught them at the end of their cycle in early November.







Raindrops and bright colors were all over the gardens.


A view looking down on the valley from the carillon tower. This is one of the few places where you feel like you are up on a mountain looking down in Florida.

Just a few things from my trip to Bok Tower in early November. I was in between the Halloween decorations and the Christmas decorations but still found a ton of things to take pictures of.

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