Scenes from south Florida

On the road to south Florida, this famous eyesore sits at the Yeehaw Junction right before the Florida turnpike exit.

Sitting poolside at Brett’s aunt and uncle’s winter condo, we had a nice dinner with the family, watching the dinner boats go by.

Construction cranes are everywhere here, including next to our hotel.

On the road to Hallendale Beach sits a big statue in the parking lot at the horse race track. After the statue, we turn right to head over the bridge to the beach.

We stopped by Hard Rock Hotel to see the new guitar shaped hotel going up. The last 2 are shots from the top of the parking deck. You can barely make out the skyline of the beach.

The road back to Tampa, we headed across Alligator Alley (I75). We never see alligators on this road though. Just miles of the above view.

SkyWatch Friday


The hotel window

Brett and I spend a long weekend near Hollywood Beach visiting relatives. When we got back to the hotel to change before dinner I looked out the window and noticed this palm tree had bloomed. I realized there were tons of bees buzzing around it and grabbed my camera to try to get some shots of them.

As I was trying to focus on the bees through the window, I noticed several green lizards also on the tree. It looked like they were drinking the sap. We were on the 4th floor so they had climbed up pretty high.

I stood there for a while watching the bees and the lizards buzzing all over this palm tree, right on a busy street.  It was hard to get clear shots through the dirty window but it was fun trying.

Photographing New Zealand

Green textures in the woods


Raindrops on leaves.


Fir tree


Is this duckweed? The swamp was covered in it.


Lichen on the moss.


Things that fall on the plant.


Palm leaves in the sun.


Fern growing on a dead branch.


Tiny lizard on a palm leaf.

It was a really slow morning at Chesnut Park. Walking along the boardwalk I started to notice the different green things in the swamp. The water levels were high since it’s been raining most days during August. I wouldn’t have been walking through there if there wasn’t a boardwalk. I was trying to be creative and find different things to take pictures of but it was so hot and muggy it was hard to focus. I only got a few things that morning but I’m going to start paying attention to the scenery at the parks.