Birds in a Butterfly house?

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All of the above were taken in April at the Key West Butterfly Conservatory. It was a  nice surprise to see more than just butterflies there. These birds were flying all over the conservatory, eating all of the snacks that were strategically placed near the path. Except for the flamingos of course. They were wading in a pond in the middle. I had not finished editing all of the pictures from the trip until recently so I’m finally getting around to posting these bright-colored beauties.

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Better than a candy store.

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One of my favorite things we did in Key West was going to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory. I’ve been to several butterfly gardens but this was the first time I had been in a butterfly house. Butterflies were everywhere and were landing on people. It was muggy inside so I’m glad we went early in the morning. I can’t imagine being there late in the hot afternoon. I’m not going to try to identify all  of these but I do know the big brown one with green spots is an Atlas moth. The largest moth in the world was everyone’s favorite. There were several there and they were kind enough to be still while everyone was taking their pictures.

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