Hanging out with all of the Bambis’

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Only here, all of the mothers are alive and well keeping a watchful eye on the little ones. The park near my house has lots of wild deer roaming around in the park. Most summers I have seen one or two babies in the park. By late August I had not seen any even though a park ranger had told me there were a few there. One day after work I was heading home in the rain. It was down to a light drizzle and I had my camera in the car so I took a detour and stopped at the park. There were very few people there because of the weather so the deer were all over the parking lots. I counted 7 babies in the park. Most of these were taken from the car. I didn’t want to scare them so I stayed in the car and rolled down the window. When they have the park all to themselves, they come out of the woods.

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The Deer family

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I had a quick peep at a fawn at Chesnut Park recently. The family was heading into the woods but they stopped to check me out for a minute. They usually ignore all of the people walking by but with a baby in the group they were a little more cautious. It was great seeing the young buck at the park as well. His tiny antlers were just coming out. I don’t know how old he’ll be when he heads out on his own  I guess he’ll head north of the park to hang out with the other guys. A ranger recently told me the bucks come down in the spring to mate but don’t hang around the park long. I’ve only seen a few of them there.

Below is one of the rivers running through the park near where the deer hang out. I took this with my Iphone.


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Sick fawn at Chesnut Park


As soon as I drove into the park I saw a buck crossing the street. One of his antlers was flopped over.


I turned around and saw two baby deer at the edge of the woods.


The little fawn was walking around near a picnic shelter.


Both stayed pretty close together.


Mom was keeping a close eye on them.


Later in the morning, I was walking along the boardwalk and saw a tiny one walk up to another birder. At first I thought it was a small dog that had come up to him.


The baby stood there for a few minutes.


Then laid down in the grass.


Several people came over and was watching the baby. He didn’t seem scared. He seemed pretty weak.

ranger w baby

One of the walkers flagged down the park ranger. They came over and got him. They were going to call a wildlife rehabber to come get him. He was so cute. John, the other birder, and I were trying to decide if we should argue over who would get to take it home. Both of us knew that was not a good idea but it was fun thinking about it.  It turned out to be an interesting morning.

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