Baby owls at Fort Desoto


Walking towards the fishing pier, I saw these two osprey chasing each other.


This was all I saw on the beach next to the pier. It was so windy the few laughing gulls were hunkered down together. Other shorebirds and pelicans were scarce.


When I got to the owl’s nest, this is what I saw. Mom looks like she’s still waking up.


As I zoomed in, I noticed the baby right in front of mom. If you look closely at her stomach, right below the dark brown part, you can see a beak sticking out. One of the babies was trying to hide under mom’s feathers.


A little while later, the other baby stuck his head out. It looked like a fuzzy cotton ball.


It looks like a cotton ball with a beak stuck on it. Both babies slept all morning and only lifted their heads up a few times. ┬áThis was almost a month ago. I’ve been back every weekend since so I’ve got lots of the pictures of them growing up.


Across the park from the owls, you can just barely see the eagle’s nest. A parent was sitting on the nest and you can barely make out a brown spot on top of the nest. The baby is pretty big there. You can’t get close to this nest. This was far away and cropped up.

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