The dolphin show is back open.

I wouldn’t want to be walking around down there right now with that big stingray cruising around. It’s time to do the stingray shuffle in the water so they scoot away and you don’t step on them. Although it’s really the little ones you have to worry about because it’s hard to see those little guys half buried in the sand.

There were lots of dolphins swimming around the fishing pier in early May. It’s hard to catch a fish here when the dolphins are chasing after your catch. They usually steal it before the fishermen have had time to reel the fish in.

From the bay pier you can see dog beach. Zooming in, I could see the dogs running in the water. The dogs were probably happy to be back out at the beach again after the park being closed for 8 weeks.

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A walk around Davis Islands yacht basin

So many different things to see around the tip of Davis Islands where the small airport and yacht basin ends the island.  From tiny boats, really big boats and tug boats the variety can keep you busy watching the sights all morning.

In one corner of the island, there’s a small dog beach next to the private airport. There wasn’t many dogs on the beach early one recent Saturday morning. I think it was just too hot. Even the water was warm.

I think this is my favorite. This sailboat had a handmade boat lift for it’s own rowboat.

A hot Saturday morning in late July.

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Non flying things at Fort Desoto


I was standing out on the north beach tip and these guys went swimming by.


At one point I counted 4 coming up for air at one time but I think there were more.

This one had a notch on his fin.


The South’s Finest. Across the channel they were camping out.


Big glop of something. Some type of jellyfish? These were all over the beach this morning.


“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” A line from one of my favorite movies, Finding Nemo. Someone was pulling up bait fish.


A view of the dog beach from the bay fishing pier. Dog day afternoons.

There’s always something to see at Fort Desoto Park.

Four legged tourists at the beach.


“It’s hard to swim with your mouth full!”


“Do I look tanner?”


“Mom, can you get this sand off my nose?”




“Last one out is a rotten egg.”


“I’m really am having fun.”


“Mom, hold me up.”


“I must be really short.”


“I’m going to look like a raisin if I don’t get out of the water.”


“Let’s go home.”


It’s not just humans that have fun at the beach. Fort Desoto Park has a beach section for the dogs. I haven’t spent a lot of time at dog beach. Mostly because there aren’t a lot of birds there. In late May, there wasn’t a lot of birds around and it was a beautiful morning so I walked down to the dog beach. It was fun watching all of the dogs have fun. Some were resting and staying close to their owner’s beach chairs. Some were running around crazy and playing. Most were well-behaved but there was a small spat between two dogs that got stopped quickly. I’m allergic to dogs, otherwise I’d have a house full of them. I might just have to borrow one for a day at the beach.

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