A hot morning at Bok Tower Gardens

I love the flowers at Bok Tower Gardens. For some reason they look so pretty here.

I didn’t see many birds on this walk. Above is a juvenile red bellied woodpecker and close by was a parent. The little brown one is a young fuzzy Carolina wren hiding in a palm tree.

The sun coming through the lizard’s throat.

There were several eastern tiger swallowtails flying around.

The view of the top of the carillon tower from the vegetable garden.

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Plants and baby ducks at Lettuce Lake Park

Some of the many plants at Lettuce Lake Park.

I caught a quick glimpse of a black bellied whistling duck family. They were passing through under the boardwalk and headed into the swamp. They paused for a few minutes and I snapped the above. The babies are so cute. They look like little bumble bees.

More rainy day flower pictures

Pictures from a walk around the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo during a morning summer rain shower. Most people say the rain never lasts long in Florida in the summer but sometimes they last most of the day. This morning in August it rained all day. At least it wasn’t hot.

Standing under the gazebos looking across the pond.

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Post Christmas flowers at Bok Tower Gardens

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Still blooming after Christmas. I took  my sister to Bok Tower Gardens in central Florida for a post-Christmas outing. It was a beautiful day and we walked all over the gardens. We saw Amaryllis flowers all around the gardens. They were so beautiful. Next year I want to get some and plant them in our front yard. Although I think I’ll have to buy them about to bloom and then plant them since I’m not sure if they’ll grow in our sandy soil. We had a lot of fun walking around and I took a ton of  pictures so they’ll be more to come.