Hiking Deer Valley

The sun was just about to come over the mountain early in the morning. It was very quiet and was weird to see those ski lifts just sitting there.

Hiking the trail behind our hotel in Deer Valley.

I ran into a few birds along the trail.  A junco, a few robins and a mountain chickadee. The best was the little chipmunk who was very skittish.

The view from the top of the hill behind our hotel. I zigzagged along the trail on the side of the mountain and ended up at the top of the ski slope.

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Critters on the 4th of July


Carolina wren in Hubby’s sister’s yard in between the rain showers.


During a brief break in the rain, I headed out to a small park near the in-laws to get out and stretch my legs after our July 4th feast. The park had a handful of robins feeding.


I caught a juvenile robin with a worm.


Another one posing on the curb in the drizzle.


There were a few house finches right in front of my car.


It looks like he’s eating grass.


Taken through the dining room window. I was sitting at the table working on my laptop when I saw this chipmunk scurry up to the front porch, grab a nut from under the pine straw and eat it under the porch overhang. It was raining so he was trying to stay dry.


Flower in the front yard.

The common theme of all of the above: it was raining, drizzling, had just stopped raining or just starting to rain. Our 5 days in Atlanta for the July 4th weekend was a wet one. We had two hours left in our drive up from Tampa and it started pouring. Barely stopped until we were driving back into Tampa. I still managed to get out a few times during our trip. I had a good walk in the drizzle at the Oakland cemetery in downtown Atlanta. On Saturday morning it stopped raining until almost lunch so I went to the Botanical Gardens. It was still good to get out of town and visit the relatives even with the rainy weather.