Over the river and through the woods….

to Daytona Beach we go. On the east coast of Florida. This was our first trip and we were staying over for one night to visit friends who were visiting for the week from Georgia.

The view from our room on the 14th floor. I zoomed in with my phone on the last one.  Our hotel was next door to a small amusement park.

We met up with our friends who were staying near the Ponce Inlet and spent some time walking around the lighthouse before heading to dinner.

We had dinner at a fun little restaurant next to the lighthouse that was right on the water.

View from our table.

It was a quick short trip to have dinner with our friends. I was traveling light so all of the above were taken with my phone.

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Being a tourist on the beach

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Clearwater Beach sure has changed since we moved down to the area almost 15 years ago. The beach was still mostly Mom & Pop motels and now it’s all high-rise hotels and condos. Traffic and parking are insane so we rarely go over there.  On Christmas afternoon we wanted to get out for a walk so we went to Sand Key beach which is just across the bridge from Clearwater beach. It was such a beautiful day that all of the beaches were crowded. All of the above were taken from Sand Key Park looking across at Clearwater beach and downtown Clearwater.




A few of the fun finds at the beach.

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Chesnut Park in late September.

Downy or Hairy? I’m going with Downy since her beak looks a little longer and Hairys are pretty rare here.

Yellow warbler. This was the most exciting bird of the day.

Injured butterfly.

I arrived at the park, parked my car, got out and walked around to the other side and started to get all of my camera gear out. I hear a noise behind me and when I turn around, this lady was standing there watching me. I turned around with my camera and she just went back to her grazing. Some of the deer are pretty skittish so I was surprised that she just ignored me.

A small bridge deep in the woods.

Another quiet morning at Chesnut Park. I saw lots of osprey, titmouse and carolina wrens. Even the yellow warbler is fairly common. There’s a small trickle of fall migrants coming through but it’s hit or miss and I seem to be missing mostly. At this point it was the end of September and I was reading on the local boards that a few were passing through but work kept getting in way. It was still a nice morning out. I did meet a retired man named Joe who volunteers for the Audubon of Florida’s Eagle Watch program. We had met briefly before at one of the local Eagle Watch presentations. When I told him that I lived near the park, he told me about a great eagle’s nest that was close by my house to keep an eye on this winter. I found the nest on the way home so I’ll keep you posted later this year. Most of the eagles have returned to the area for the winter but it’s hard to find them since they aren’t spending a lot of time on their nest yet.

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