Saturday morning walk on the fishing pier

DSC_9958 DSC_9955

Another sighting of the juvenile reddish egret. He’s just a little bit bigger than when I saw him a few weeks ago.


The juvenile osprey flying by the pier.


Great blue heron flyby.



Black skimmers cruising by the fishing pier.


Ghost crab.



A really big boat.


In the shadow of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

A sunny morning at Fort Desoto before the summer rains started.

Skywatch Friday

A walk on the fishing pier

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The snowy egrets are always putting on a show at the fishing pier. They are hanging around waiting for the fishermen to turn their backs on their bait buckets so they can steal the little minnows. Sometimes the fisherman will clean their fish on the pier and the egrets try to steal the scraps. There are signs saying not to throw the scraps in the water or to the birds but some people still do it. Then the ones that don’t are annoyed by the birds being aggressive.


A sting ray cruises by the pier in the shallow water.


Dolphins feeding around the pier.


Looks like he caught a little shark.


It was a beautiful morning to watch the big boats from the pier at Fort Desoto.

Skywatch Friday

Looking for a bird at Fort DeSoto – Skywatch Friday


Not the bird I was looking for. This osprey right next to the boat ramp did not want me to steal his fish.


This could have been the bird I was looking for but as he got closer I realized it wasn’t a great cormorant but just an ordinary double crested cormorant. This one flew over my head and was full of fishing wire.


Downtown St. Petersburg from the boat ramp.


Still not the bird I was looking for, this spotted sandpiper was trying to hide in the weeds that had floated up on the beach.

photo 2 (2)

No great cormorant on this side of the park. Only shorebirds and gulls.


Maybe he hitched a ride on one of these boats.

photo 1

Back in mid-December I had heard there was a rare great cormorant hanging around the boat ramp at Fort Desoto. This would have been a first for me so I finally made it down to the park after work on the night before Thanksgiving. It had been raining for days and it was nice to see blue skies again. This was my first of 3 trips looking for this silly bird with no luck. Hopefully he will show up when I least expect it.

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Growing in the backyard


This is my view looking out the kitchen window. Our neighbor’s plant has gotten so big it is over the fence.


Plant in the yard.


Poinsettia in hanging baskets.


These do stay red through the spring.


Around our fence.


These are pretty in the fall.


Reflection of our neighbor’s boat. Taken from our dock and cropped up. The neighborhood osprey sleeps on top of this mast.


Down at the end of our channel. A Santa in someone’s backyard. I take a left in front of the Santa to get out to the bay.


Mangroves growing in our corner.


I threw last year’s poinsettia in the corner by the shed and it came back this year.


Hibiscus through our fence.

Shine the Divine

Non flying things at Fort Desoto


I was standing out on the north beach tip and these guys went swimming by.


At one point I counted 4 coming up for air at one time but I think there were more.

This one had a notch on his fin.


The South’s Finest. Across the channel they were camping out.


Big glop of something. Some type of jellyfish? These were all over the beach this morning.


“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” A line from one of my favorite movies, Finding Nemo. Someone was pulling up bait fish.


A view of the dog beach from the bay fishing pier. Dog day afternoons.

There’s always something to see at Fort Desoto Park.

Windy morning at the fishing pier – Skywatch Friday


The usual pelican fly by.


“What, I can’t hear you.” says the cormorant.


A sad but usual sight at the pier. There were a few people standing around discussing what to do about trying to rescue him when he took off flying across the bay. They might have been able to entice him with bait fish and use a net.


Grumpy face did not seem to like the wind.


“I can’t hear you either.” says the snowy egret.


Off to the great blue yonder!


Rush hour on the bay.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning but so windy it was hard to stand up. Sand was blowing, garbage was flying around and the birds were not going anywhere. Fort Desoto was deserted. Where do all of the birds go when it’s that windy? I guess inland to get out of the sea wind. I didn’t stay long. I was afraid sand was getting into everything, even on the fishing pier.

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