The dolphin show at Fort Desoto.

A baby dolphin was swimming close to Mom above.

The dolphins were swimming right under the fishing pier at Fort Desoto in early June. The water was clear and the sun was hitting the water just perfect so you could see them before they came up for air.

Someone caught a tiny shark.

A beautiful day to be out in a boat.

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Don’t go to Sea World! Come to Fort Desoto!

Baby dolphin swimming to the right of mom.

The baby was heading right towards me.

Baby dolphin jumping out right in front of the pier.

More dolphins swimming around the pier.

Three dolphins swimming together. The baby was on the left.

A big turtle came swimming up to the fishing pier. This was the first time I’ve seen a turtle at the pier.

Close up!

Why travel to central Florida and pay a ton of money to go watch dolphins jump in a small pool when you can come spend the day at Fort Desoto for $5 a carload. You can watch wild and free dolphins swimming and jumping around the fishing pier. You can spend the day swimming and building sand castles. After a picnic lunch on the beach on a recent Sunday, I walked down to the fishing pier while hubby took a nap on the beach chair. There weren’t a lot of people fishing that day but there were at least 10 dolphins swimming around. I stayed on the pier for almost two hours watching the dolphin show. Right before I left, the turtle came swimming up. What a great finish. If that doesn’t convince you, I just missed the two manatees that had passed under the pier minutes before I got there. I could see them out in the distance but they were too far away to get pictures. Meanwhile, I shouldn’t be letting out the best kept secret spot in Florida. Then I’ll only have myself to blame when it gets too crowded.

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