Critters in the rain

I left work while it was still raining in early August hoping Chesnut Park would be empty of people due to the weather. That’s when the baby deer come out from hiding in the woods. Early on Saturday mornings when I’m usually there, the park is filled with joggers, walkers and dogs so the deer stay deep in the woods. It was still drizzling when I first got there. I quickly saw 2 hawks that were soaked.

I spotted a fawn staying close to the family.

Not sure if this was Dad or a big brother. It’s rare to see older males at the park. They usually stay farther north and come down to the park during mating season.

This little one had a sibling. Even though the rain had stopped, I stayed in the car to take these. I didn’t want to spook them. They continued to graze and I eventually headed home.

Spotted critters at the park

I stopped by Chesnut Park on the way home from work in early August to see if there were any baby deer. Since it had just stopped raining I was thinking there wouldn’t be a lot of people there so the deer may be out and visible. The babies usually hide on Saturday mornings with all of the joggers and dog walkers there so a rainy weekday seemed like a good chance to see them.  After walking around for a while I was leaving and saw some spots in the woods.

I sat down on a wet log and they were walking around in the weeds. There were two babies and one parent was close by.

Not sure what the parent was doing.  Was she sniffing to make sure this was her baby?

Mom then continued to feed herself.  After a few minutes, they headed deeper in the woods and I headed home.

Hanging out with all of the Bambis’

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Only here, all of the mothers are alive and well keeping a watchful eye on the little ones. The park near my house has lots of wild deer roaming around in the park. Most summers I have seen one or two babies in the park. By late August I had not seen any even though a park ranger had told me there were a few there. One day after work I was heading home in the rain. It was down to a light drizzle and I had my camera in the car so I took a detour and stopped at the park. There were very few people there because of the weather so the deer were all over the parking lots. I counted 7 babies in the park. Most of these were taken from the car. I didn’t want to scare them so I stayed in the car and rolled down the window. When they have the park all to themselves, they come out of the woods.

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Random things at Chesnut Park


A leftover Easter bunny eating his breakfast.


Getting frisky.


The eagle has landed.  After being absent all summer, the eagle is back in his usual winter Saturday morning spot across the lake.


I saw this weird stuff growing out of the tree. It looked like it could be merengue but I’m guessing some kind of lichen.




I was excited to see another baby deer at the park. Mom and baby stayed pretty far back in the woods. These were taken from the parking lot and heavily cropped so they are a little blurry.


The teenage buck is still hanging around the family.


The older baby was feeding close by the family. Her spots are getting a little fainter.

These were all taken in late September.

Saturday's Critters

Little Bambi is getting big


I got a brief glimpse of the baby heading into the woods. Early in the morning the deer walk along the road through the park and graze. As more people come into the park, the deer head into the woods. The moms in the group kept this one well off the main paths.



This young buck is doing well. I’m not sure at what age he will take off on his own, leaving the park family behind.


A doe wandering around by herself.


Not a deer, but an almost grown up moorhen. Still looking at mom for food.

A quiet morning at Chesnut Park on a recent Saturday morning.

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