Babies at the zoo.

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It’s rare to see the mom and baby orangutan this close to the glass. The baby was very entertained by pressing her face up to the glass.






Everyday activities for the orangutans.



The baby chimp was out playing by herself.



The two baby elephants are finally growing up.


I went back to Lowry Park zoo early on a Sunday morning to see the baby tiger cub.  The baby was not out that morning so the dad was out alone having a snack. He seemed to be enjoying it. He kept showing it off.

“Anyone got any toilet paper?!?”

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Usually the chimps are snoozing in the back so I don’t pay too much attention but as I was walking by I saw this. It was just too funny not to stop.

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It was even funnier because there was a little baby right underneath one of the chimps.  It looks like the baby got sat on but he wiggled out from underneath.

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The older chimp is still sucking his thumb.

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But the baby stole the show.

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He was so cute. Everyone was admiring the little one.

At the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.

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