Black swan (not the ballet)

I was at Lake Morton in Lakeland at the end of January and happened to catch some black swans getting frisky. I first noticed the couple swimming together close to shore and watched them flirt for a while. They were wrapping their necks around each other and taking turns dunking their heads under water. It was like a ballet. The end was over pretty quickly.

There was already a black swan couple that had 2 babies.

It never gets old watching the baby swans playing. They were so fuzzy.

I did take notice of a pair of ring necked ducks cruising  by.

My Corner of the World

Lots of babies at the lake

I ran into cuteness overload at Lake Morton in mid-May with two baby swans.They were staying close to the parents. They grow up in a big fenced-in pen right on the lake so the babies have a better chance of surviving at the lake and then are let out once they are big enough to take care of themselves. Ducks, other swans, hawks, eagles, alligators and snakes are just a few of the dangers there.

Two juveniles black swans were about to be released.

Older baby wood ducks were taking a nap.

Safety in numbers. These muscovy babies were all huddled together.

Mom was watching over these babies.

My Corner of the World