Magical plants at the Botanical Gardens

When I was in Atlanta in mid-August visiting friends, I spent some time at the Botanical Gardens. It’s one of my favorite places to take pictures.  They were having an exhibit of “Mythical Creatures” topiaries that was really cool to see.

Above are just a few of the growing “creatures” that come to life.

Lots of fun things to see at these gardens which were full of butterflies.

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Birds at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

This young Carolina wren was hopping all over the place.

Usual birds: a sparrow, robin and baby mockingbird.


A rare bird for me, one that I don’t see in my area of Florida is the American Goldfinch. There were several in the back of the gardens eating the flowers.

I saw several hummingbirds buzzing around but I could only catch this one.

Lots of little critters at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens during my trip in August.

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Flappers and jumpers at the botanical gardens


This bluebird was singing pretty loud on a light post.


I don’t know what this is. It flew onto the same post as the bluebird above. At first I thought it was a juvenile bluebird but that beak looks different. Any ideas? Cobb?


My first “male” goldfinch.


Wet robin with a berry in his beak.


Catbird on a chain.


House sparrows hanging out on a nest box.


Upclose with a frog.


Cool frog in one of the fountains.

Just a few critters I saw on my walk around the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The bluebird was a plus since I rarely see them in central Florida.

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The Atlanta Botanical Gardens


The gardens were having a “Larger Than Life” exhibit while I was there. Really cool topiary type plants were all over the gardens.


A cool ogre plant.


Fish fountain.


This was my favorite. Connected to the waterfall she was the garden goddess. I took this from the top of the skywalk bridge.


Bees were everywhere but I didn’t see a single butterfly. I think the rain had kept them away. Plus, all of the flowers looked pretty beat up from the storms.


Bee up close.




Blooming in orange.

The rain stopped for about two hours on Saturday morning. It was drizzling on the way to the gardens and I almost turned around and went home. I pulled into the parking lot and waited a few minutes and it stopped. At least the temperature was cool for July. Not many people at the gardens. I think the rain scared them off.  The gardens were full of all of the usual flowers but most were falling over from the rain. They needed a good sunny day to dry out.


Tweeters and croakers at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens


Not a tweeter or croaker but still cute. I think he thought I couldn’t see him behind that branch.


Blue jay in the winter.


Sparrows landing on the feeder at the gardens.


The feeders were busy but mostly sparrows and blue jays.


Inside one of the buildings was a tropical frog exhibit. These were all in indoor enclosures.


Blue frog posing.


This was an exotic frog inside. We did not see any of the outside frogs in the frog pond that morning. I think the air was too cold for them and they were hiding in the water until the sun came out.


Mockingbird posing on an empty rose bush.

Just a few of the animals we saw on our pre-Christmas walk around the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Camera Critters

A few minutes with a catbird

I’m walking through the gardens at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in late October. I hear a catbird in the bushes and stop. Looking up, I see this staring back at me. He didn’t fly off but stayed very still.

I backed up a few feet and was standing under a tree keeping very still. I kept watching him and after a few seconds he looks over at the berries.

He looks back over at me and guesses I’m not a threat.

And he takes a bite! He looks over at me. Not sure if he thinks I’m going to steal his berry or he wants me to take a picture.

He freezes for a few seconds, looking right at me.

He flips the berry into his mouth and down it goes.

I watched him picking off the berries for a few minutes and then left him in peace. I think those are beauty berries but I’ve never seen them in blue before.