A hot morning walk with the usual critters

All of the usual big birds were at Chesnut Park for my morning walk in late June (anhinga, yellow crowned night heron, limpkin).

The wood duck babies were almost fully grown.

Birds were flying overhead (royal tern, osprey, green heron).

Things were blooming in the swamp.

Deer and bunnies were easy to spot.

I don’t often see barred owls here but this one was very visible, taking a nap along the boardwalk.

A cardinal was eating the seed that someone had left on the boardwalk.

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3 thoughts on “A hot morning walk with the usual critters

  1. As I enjoyed each of your splendid photographs, I couldn’t help but think of those who live in some parts of the world who don’t have such “usual critters” as we do here in the Sunshine State.

    Thank you for sharing a bit of our natural treasure with those not so lucky.

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