Lots of birds on the trail

I had not been out to Roosevelt Wetlands since last summer. I forget what a cool small reserve this is. I had heard there were some new birds there so I went for a short walk in early May. The raised trail down the middle of the pond is full of Indian blanket flowers and they were in full bloom.

I immediately saw a bunny right on the trail.

The sun had been up for a while and I could see an osprey sitting on the platform nest ahead of me.

I could hear him yelling as I passed the platform and turned around to see the juvenile staring right at me.

This Momma moorhen was busy with 2 little ones.

There were several young little blue herons along the trail. They were just started to get their blue feathers in.

An adult little blue heron shaking it off.

A least tern flies by.

I also saw several spoonbills.


A kildeer was walking in front of me and then disappeared into the flowers.

I did find those new shorebirds that were here but more on those later.

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6 thoughts on “Lots of birds on the trail

  1. I love the spoonbills, we don’t have those where I live. I also love your osprey, and your indian blanket wildflowers. Mainly I love that you got out and about and took some photos to share with us.

  2. My late inlaws lived above a lake, and there was an osprey nest you could view from their deck. Very interesting birds. We could see them carry fish.

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