Visiting those street birds again.

I was running errands nearby the neighborhood that has the peacocks roaming around so I stopped by to see if there were any more babies. I found 2 different Moms with little ones. One baby was a little bigger than the other.

This Mom had 7 babies and they were just cruising down the street.

There were lots of males hanging out.

This one looks like a juvenile male. His pretty feathers aren’t quite grown in yet but he was already strutting around.

I got a quick sighting of the white peacock but I still haven’t seen him spread his feathers out yet. Maybe he hasn’t seen a lady that he wants to flirt with yet (or I’m just not catching it).

Right before leaving I saw the white female and she had a little baby. The baby was sticking close to Mom and I only got a quick shot before they headed for the back of a house.

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