Cows and eagles

The usual critters on my bike ride on the Pinellas Trail north of Brooker Creek. Cows and cattle egrets. The calves were getting big by early April.

I passed the eagle’s nest that sits far away in the cow pasture. The 2 young ones were flapping away and close to flying.

I could see a gopher tortoise walking around right under the eagle’s nest. He must have a burrow nearby.

As I was pedaling back to my car I heard an eagle yelling overhead. She was sitting on a utility tower and making a lot of noise. I stopped and pulled my camera out of my backpack.

I saw another eagle flying overhead. He landed on the same utility tower. After a few seconds of yelling back and forth, the below happened.

They started mating while a crow bothered them. At this point there was a small crowd watching from below. It’s not often you see eagles mating out in the wild (although this was my 2nd time this month with the first being in my neighborhood).

They sat together for a while on the same nest. I finally headed back to my car.

2 thoughts on “Cows and eagles

  1. Hello,
    First, I love the the cows with the cattle egrets. Great series on the Eagles, they are always a treat to see. Wonderful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

  2. The Eagles are spectacular but oh how I love that tortoise! They are so much fun to spot when you are out in nature and fun to watch. Enjoy your day. It’s HOT here so not as much time outside right now. I’ll get cabin fever for sure! lol

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