The yard in early March.

Look who showed up in the backyard in early March. Last year they were here all winter but I hadn’t seen any parulas at all until March. I was sitting outside for a while enjoying the cool weather and the above got close enough for me to get some shots.

That lone robin was still hanging around in the backyard.

Bluebirds were stopping by.

A lone turkey was cruising by for a few days and one day I caught her taking a nap just outside our window.

We get tons of woodpeckers at the feeder and bird bath.

Butterflies on the hanging lantana.

Someone nearby is feeding these ibis. I saw them pecking around the tree and when I went outside to sit down one of them walked right up to me. I had to step back up against the house to fit him in the picture. He wandered off when he realized I wasn’t going to feed him.

Gardenias were starting to bloom.

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9 thoughts on “The yard in early March.

  1. Typical shots of the treetop warbler! Beautiful fragile gardenia. Loved the bluebird pose atop the shepherd’s crook. The ibises also crowded around us when we walked along our lake in Florida — a sure sign that they were eating lots of bread. Not healthy!

  2. Hello :=)
    Your Ibis captures have great eye detail, really good shots, and the Pilletted Woodpecker also is a great capture. It’s a pleasure to see the Robin, Bluebird, and butterflies, not forgetting the lovely Gardenia.

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