Traffic jam on the trail

It wasn’t a four way stop but even if it was the deer was coming out without stopping. I paused as I was walking down a back dirt trail at Chesnut Park when I saw the deer stepping out on the trail. She wasn’t alone.

She had 4 friends and instead of crossing the trail like they usually do they kept on going down the trail. I followed them for a while. They would look back at me but kept going at a slow pace.

At the other side of the park I found a Mom and a young one.

Watching me as I sat in my car watching her.

More shots from deep in the swamp (taken from the boardwalk).

4 thoughts on “Traffic jam on the trail

  1. Oh my, the deer are so sweet. They look very calm just walking along the trail. The little fawn is adorable. Great photos, love the swamp images too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

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