A sunny hot walk in Dunedin

I took an early morning walk around the Dunedin marina in mid-September. The heat was stifling but the water was clear and blue. Someone fishing close by must have thrown out their leftovers and it washed up on the tiny beach at the marina.

This small boat club house was built in 1931. It’s amazing that it is still standing here on this small spit of land outside of the marina.

I took a quick walk up Main Street. The small downtown area is big on character. 8am is the best time to walk around and enjoy the quiet, before the parking spots and sidewalks are full (and it gets above 90 degrees).

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4 thoughts on “A sunny hot walk in Dunedin

  1. Hello :=) My Websight came up as you can see. It also shows a title of an old post. Oh well, I don’t seem to be able to fix it, so make of it what you will. I love your first photo of the Egret taking off. It looks quite comical in that position I also enjoyed seeing the colourful sightings, on your early morning walk.

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