Looking for a breeze

It was a perfect day to head down to St. Pete for a walk and hopefully catch a breeze in mid-August. My first stop was Crescent Lake Park. I was hoping to see hummingbirds at the big firebush but all I got was bees.

I happen to look over near the playground and saw this squirrel trying really hard to get in the unattended bag. A lady saw what was happening and ran over. She had donuts in her bag. I don’t blame the squirrel for trying to get those.

I stumbled on an outdoor dog obedience training class. Since I had my longer lens I was able to watch from pretty far away. All of the dogs seemed pretty chilled.

I left the park and headed over to the yacht basin near downtown for a quick walk before it got crazy hot. 

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4 thoughts on “Looking for a breeze

  1. Pretty photos of the yacht basin and skyline. Those squirrels are crafty!! I remember taking my granddaughter to the park and leaving a small container of ice cream on a picnic table (with the lid on). When we came back to the table, the lid was removed and a squirrel had his head in the container, eating the ice cream!

  2. I saw a squirrel in our yard just yesterday. It was sniffing and circling an area like it was trying to find what he/she buried there but couldn’t remember if this was the spot or not. The look on his/her face was priceless. I adored the photos of the squirrel being curious as well as hungry. Cute post!

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