Sunrise and beach birds

I found the whimbril on another trip to Fort Desoto Park in late August. He was right when you walk out on the beach so he wasn’t hard to find.

An oystercatcher was taking a bath.
A snowy egret with a fish for breakfast.

A ring bill gull was posing for me.

I found another whimbrel far up on Outback Key.

The sun was just coming up over the trees when I headed out for a long walk on the beach.

I’ve slowed down a little on my blog posts for a while. I had shoulder surgery on the 6th and can’t pick up anything heavier than a pound for 6-7 weeks so I won’t be out with my camera for a while. I’ll probably be caught up with previous outings by the end of October. I still plan to get in my walks with my phone starting later this week though. I do have my camera set up on a tripod in front of the back window hoping to catch some migrating birds coming through our backyard so I don’t miss out on fall migration completely this fall.

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5 thoughts on “Sunrise and beach birds

  1. A sunrise at the fort is a great way to begin any day. Wonderful images and very nice capture of the Whimbrels!

    Take it easy with that shoulder. Hope you heal quickly and completely.

  2. Hello, :=)
    Very pleasing photos of the Whimbrels. I had my first encounter with one some years back on a beach in Portugal. The Oyster catcher taking a bath is great fun, and there is lovely light in your photos.

  3. Oh Dina, sending hope for a problem-free recovery — you’ll be better than ever with a “new” shoulder (although I don’t know how your perfect pictures could get any better — is there a word “perfecter”?) Those whimbrels just strut down the beach as if they owned it don’t they? I guess they do!! Super study of the oystercatcher bathing!

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