Hurricane Ian

It’s Tuesday morning and Hurricane Ian is on it’s way to pay us a visit. This morning the track is showing a direct hit with a category 3. Our house is just under 20 minutes from the water so we were not too worried about storm surge but we were worried about flooding from a lot of rain and wind damage. Everything is ready to go and now we wait until Thursday morning when it’s due to hit. I decided to get out of the house for a walk to calm my nerves. It was already dark and dreary at the Dunedin marina but it had cooled off. The big boats were still there but most of the little boats that can go on a trailer were gone.

People live on both of these sailboats and their dingys were still there. I hope they get into town by Wednesday morning.

These little boats were still there but I’m sure someone was coming to haul them away or tie them down.

The water was super calm and I could several dolphins swimming out in the water.

I was able to catch this quick video of a dolphin feeding along the rocks right in front of me. I don’t usually see them this close to the marina.

Update – it’s now after lunch on Wednesday and Ian is hitting near the Fort Myers area, much farther south of us. We are still due to get heavy rain and flooding later tonight as the other side of the Hurricane skirts past us.  We are saying prayers for those south of us. They will need a lot of help in the coming days.

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10 thoughts on “Hurricane Ian

  1. I am in the path on the East coast–Brevard County–just a mile from the river and 2 miles or so from the ocean-we have had alot of rain for hours but been better the last 4-5 hours but now the wind is picking up and it will get worse the next 24 hours along with lots more rain they say–ouch!! I live in a 4 story Senior apt building on the 3rd floor–and this building is all made with concrete–so should be safe–
    so you be safe too–
    love all your photos and thanks for sharing–
    hugs, di

  2. Hurricanes are scary (as you know). I lived north of Houston in the 80’s when Hurricane Alicia came to town. It was pretty weak and I lived 90 miles from the coast and I didn’t get any damage but I swore I was going to Nebraska with the next one.
    Great video with the dolphin.

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