Humming along in the backyard

I put up a hummingbird feeder in the backyard back in April. I had it up through May and didn’t see a single hummer so I took it down since it was so hot in early June and I was cleaning it every day. Then in mid-June I started seeing one around the gardenia bush and when I saw her feeding on the purslane plant in the backyard I pulled out the feeder and put it up later that day. She showed up the next morning. I loaded my camera up on the tripod in front of the window and waited behind the curtain with my remote shutter release. She came several times throughout the day for 3 days. I saw 2 flying around together but only saw one at the feeder. I’m not sure if this is only one or if they took turns coming to feed. I kept the feeder up a few days after that but I hadn’t seen them since that 3rd day.

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