Critters on the sidewalk

The small town of Safety Harbor was having a sidewalk chalk festival in late March. I didn’t make it to the day of the festival but was able to go on a walk down Main Street the next day. It was a beautiful late afternoon and I headed out with only my phone to take pictures.

These were some of my favorite chalk drawings. There were so many great ones. It’s amazing how creative and talented people are. I was glad I didn’t wait too late and was able to see them before people were walking on them (or the rain hit).

The flags on the street had been changed out in support of Ukraine.

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8 thoughts on “Critters on the sidewalk

  1. We have chalk art festivals here and I love them although I miss most because of other things I am doing. Your finds are great, so colorful and creative. Obviously a lot of talent in play.

  2. Very good sidewalk art – of critters! Like the art of a sand mandala…the creation and enjoyment is fleeting, but that doesn’t stop it from being enjoyed for just a short while.

  3. What fun! Definitely one time it paid to look down as you walked. Ill be Googling this town as soon as I send this as I ‘ve never heard of it before. (Yay, more places to put on my “to-be-visited” lilst.)

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